Advanced Trick Dog Title

—  Advanced TRICK DOG TITLE —

To obtain the Advanced Trick Dog Title, your dog must have the Novice and Intermediate Trick Dog Titles and perform 5 advanced tricks for an evaluator. For the advanced title, handlers may NOT use food/toy lures, but they CAN use food rewards/clickers.


—  Advanced TRICKs —

  • Jump over handler’s back
  • Light (turn on pressure sensitive battery operated light)
  • Open a mailbox or refrigerator door to get an object
  • Play dead
  • Scent articles (choose from 5 for dog to “read”)
  • Sit or down 15 feet away
  • Tissue out of a box and bring to handler
  • Toys (take to a box and drop it in)
  • Weave through 6 poles (no food or toy lures)
  • Handler’s choice trick (up to two)
  • Back up (walk backwards)
  • Balance a treat on nose, and flip to eat it when told “OK”
  • Barrel (roll with 2 paws or stand on it with 4)
  • Bow (as in “take a bow”)
  • Circle right and left
  • Cover your eyes
  • Cover-up with a blanket
  • Go hide under a table
  • Head down
  • Hide your head (under a blanket or front arm)
  • Jump into handler’s arms