Intermediate Trick Dog Title

—  Intermediate TRICK DOG TITLE —

To obtain the Intermediate Trick Dog Title, your dog must have the Novice Trick Dog Title and perform 10 intermediate tricks for an evaluator. For the intermediate title, handlers may NOT use food/toy lures, but they CAN use food rewards/clickers.


—  Intermediate TRICKs —

  • Paws up (on handler’s arm)
  • Pull a toy on a string or a rope
  • Push a button on a sound toy, toy piano, turn on audiotape, etc.
  • Rollover
  • Shell game (find a treat under 1 of 3 cups)
  • Sit pretty (sit up with head tilted)
  • Wave good-bye
  • Weave through 6 poles (may use food or toy lures for this trick)
  • Wobble board
  • Handler’s choice trick (up to two)
  • Balance treat on nose or head
  • Carry (a basket)
  • Catch (soft toy or ball)
  • Crawl (dog crawls at least 5 feet on belly, and food or toy lures can be used)
  • Fetch it (20 feet)
  • Game (dog manipulate interactive canine game to get a treat)
  • Go find (handler hides, and dog finds them)
  • Go to your _______ (bed, mat, or crate 10 feet away)
  • 3 hand signals in a row (sit down, come, stand, etc.)
  • Jump through handler’s circle arms
  • Leg weave